How to become a Shopee Affiliate?

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I’ve shared this program via my Instagram stories few days ago and I’d like to give a step-by-step guideline on how to fill up the form via Shopee affiliate web.

Shopee has introduced Shopee Affiliate / Shopee Ambassador Program somewhere in 2019 but the registration was done manually via Google Form. Recently they launched their affiliate website to facilitate their affiliate program. Similar to any affiliate, Shopee Affiliate / Ambassador Program let you earn commission for each promoted link that lead to Shopee Product.

T&C to register Shopee Affiliate via their website:  

Your social media account must have at least 1000 followers. Otherwise, you’ll be rejected. Fret not, I’ll share another blog post for affiliate registration below than 1k followers.

Do you have 1000 followers? Here's the steps:

Step 1: Click this link

Step 2:  Login to your Shopee account

Step 3: Click “Enter Now”

Step 4: Fill up your personal details. Straightforward.

Step 5: Fill up your social media account details. Pay attention to “website URL” and “Partner Type” because they might reject your application due to wrong input for this field.

Your Website URL:

Please input your Instagram OR Facebook OR TikTok etc. account name. I applied for my IG. Example for my case, 

Category Niche: This is referring to your interest. Select “All” if you aren’t sure.

Partner Type: Select “Blogger/Social media”


Step 6: Click “Submit” and wait for their approval within 5 business days. Do check your email inbox / spam folder.

Still got a question? Drop your questions in comment box below. 

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