Snippet of Farmhouse & Us

Farmhouse & Us is a journal of Lee & Ja's family in our newly built farmhouse. We shared our farmhouse progress, design tips as we build and decor it. We love to do knowledge sharing too. Sometimes we share yummeasy recipe of home cooked meals, kids and parenting just to bring balance to this tiny page.

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Build a website is so easy!

These days, you don't need a programming skills to build a website. Really, no need! There's so many ready-made template for you to just do a few clicks and your website is ready!

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How to become a Shopee Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is not a new hoo-ha. Earlier this year, Shopee has launched their new website for affiliate registration. Super easy! Read my blog for step-by-step guideline.

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5 min SUPER Creamy Carbonara Spaghetti

Weekend time is fun time with kids. We love to plan what to do for the weekend and this week is cooking simple yet yummy Creamy Carbonara Spaghetti.

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Beauty in Imperfections

Home. This is where it all begins. It doesn’t matter if you own a house, rent a house or even rent a room, we try our very best to make it homey.

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Organization Tips for Under Sink

How do you organize your undersink?

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Launching Soon!

We will be launching our website soon so stay tuned!

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